Board of Directors

Mr. Paramjit Singh
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Paramjt Singh is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Jonson Rubber Industries Limited. He is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy, and management of the company. A true visionary, Mr. Singh’s strengths lie in identifying and investing in next-generation technologies early on and encouraging internal entrepreneurship to ensure that Jonson stays at the forefront in the Industry. He has been the driving force in growing Jonson from start-up to the position at which it stands today.

Mr. Manmohan Singh
Co-Founder & Director

Mr. Manmohan Singh brings more than 37 years of experience in the conveyor belts and material handling industry. As an astute senior level Director, his expertise spans areas such as Operational policies and Infrastructure development and overall developments of the plant and resources of Jonson Rubber Industries Limited.

Mr. Gurpreet Sachdev
Group Managing Director, Jonson

Mr. Gurpreet Sachdev has taken over the entire operations of the company. He is also the Group Managing Director of other companies in Jonson and Global Group. Mr. Gurpreet Sachdev is also heading the Corporate Finance Department for the complete Jonson Group. With over a decade of International exposure, Mr. Sachdev is responsible for the growth of Jonson Brand in many countries and has enabled the company develop and work in new markets all around the world. He is also in charge of all the Global Corporate Strategy of Jonson Group.

Mr. Ravideep Singh
Director IT & Purchase

Mr. Ravideep Singh is currently heading the purchase of Jonson Rubber Industry Limited and he is also spearheading the IT wing of Jonson Rubber Industry Limited Mr. Ravideep Singh is also director operations of Jonson Info Tech.